Why men are inclined to take their pictures in bathroom mirrors alone in hotel rooms or on vacation. Time for a global check-up of this devoted extravagance. An art project if you like.


Let's face it. Everybody's done it at least once. It's almost a genre - bathroom mirror self-portraits. But why this serious and narcissistic pose of a genius artist with a slight stroke of madness - the cover for your next book, your next album?? As we are seeing us differently from the rest of the world - in reverse, this daily check-up becomes a retrospective of the mystery of being. For most of us it's hardly vanity, there's no point in trying - men are restricted to only two options before we face another day - to shave or not to shave. That's it.

After many years of practice we occasionly get the right look and decide to preserve the moment, a point in time. "Now I will finally get the photo that really shows the real me, this is a good day, I obviously still exist... how I was before the war... before I had to amputate my nose... before daddy's gene pool degenerated". Some sort of western toilet meditation. The total waste of time - the last tabu. An attempt in vain. But a good time as any.