Some guidelines:    
Participate (free of charge) in the online gallery by submitting an email to with 1) your bathroom mirror self portrait (preferably horisontal) and 2) your outstanding reflections on your daily round in front of the mirror (in English please), 3) your name or alias, 4) city & country where the picture was shot, 5) date & time for the occasion. Take your time, be inventive, be bold and personal. Bring matters to a head, another point of view by the side of the road. Thanks for your contribution! Spread the word!

  LADIES ROOM now finally opening in the "Bathroom Mirror Project" here on TWT, on female initiative and long time demand. Be among the first pioneers and submit your picture & text today (see instructions to the left).


total waste of time
Zigge Holmgren,
project leader

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